Meet italktravel Reservoir

Jan Gott

The Gott family has owned the Reservoir travel agency since it opened in 1978.

Since then the business has transitioned and grown over the years and is a mixture of leisure, group and corporate travel.  The business is run by Jan and her daughter Sarah and 3 other staff members.

When Jan is not working in the business or looking after her grandchildren, she loves to travel.  Visiting places of historical and cultural difference are what Jan really enjoys, such as Spain and Portugal with all the history dating back to Roman times and the beautiful architecture from the  Moorish influence.  Oman is another place that had a wonderful history and impressed Jan. 

Other great trips Jan has been on and would be happy to share her experiences with customers are,  APT Europe River Cruise where she travelled from Bamburg through to Budapest and Prague. She has also enjoyed an Avalon River Cruise through France along the Rhone River ,   Rocky Mountains Canada, East Coast  of USA in New England area, Borneo, China, Vietnam and Cambodia as well as South America.

2015 was a busy year of travel for Jan! Her first trip was an Insight tour from Chicago to New Orleans where she loved seeing the beautiful architecture of Chicago and the exciting music places of Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans. Her next trip saw her travel to Italy where she visited Bologna, Florence and Rome. Not long after her return from Italy, Jan was also lucky enough to take a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords. Her final trip for the year was in December where sheenjoyed visiting Singpore for the annual ITG Conference and accepting her award for Victorian Agent of the Year.

Jan recently travelled to the amazing country of Mauritius on a Club Med. Following this trip, in the December of 2016, Jan went to San Fransisco for the annual ITG conference where she was thrilled to be presented with National Agent of the Year as well as Victorian agent of the year. 

Next stop - Paris where she will be enjoying an Avalon cruise from Paris to Normandy.

Sarah Gott

Sarah has been part of the family business since 2001. She has  traversed Australia and the  Globe, having visited most of Australia’s great tourist spots includingg Broome, Darwin, Perth, Port Douglas, Gold Coast, Whitsunday Islands, Sunshine Coast.

Sarah’s overseas visits are just as impressive - USA, Canadian Rockies, Maldives, Hawaii, Europe, UK, Dubai, and closer to home, Fiji, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and India. Sarah says hre favourite place was seeing the diversity and culture of India and staying in all the Taj Palace properties. South America and Africa are on her bucket list for future travel.

Sarah looks after a large corporate side of the business and ensures a high level of service and professionalism servicing her accounts.

Sarah boasts a large number of awards including Gold and Platinum Sales awards and the top Victorian Sales consultant for Qantas Holidays for many years.

Kerrin Baird

Kerrin has been working at italktravel Reservoir for 7 years now and has worked in the travel industry for over 10 years. Kerrin lived in London for 2 years and backpacked around Europe and has returned numerous times since.   Kerrin has travelled to the UK, Africa, America, Canada, Hawaii Egypt and Middle East.  Her extensive travels to Asia have seen her visit, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. She has also seen many parts of Australia and the South Pacific including the Cook Islands, New Zealand and Fiji. Kerrin has her sights set for the future to travel to South America, Antarctica, India and Japan.  Kerrin has won a number of Gold Sales awards and loves working in the travel industry and sharing her travels with customers.

Alison Davies

​Alison has been in the travel industry as a travel consultant for 12 years. Having moved from Western Australia in early 2016, Alison is a fantastic addidtion to our team. Some of her favourite travels include travelling to the West Coast of USA and Canada with the highlights being Las Vegas and the Californian Coast. Alison's favourite part of Canada was travelling on the Rocky Mountaineer in Gold leaf and she would recommend this to anyone! Alison's favourite destination is Asia, having travelled extensively throughout most of the countries in Asia including a fabulous Mekong river cruise through Vietnam and Cambodia. Her other travel experiences include Egypt, New Zealand, Fiji, Europe inlcuding Italy,the UK and most of Australia. Next Stop - Alison hopes to travel to New York, Hawaii and explore Sri Lanka.

Celeste Fellowes

Italktravel Reservoir welcomed Celeste to their team in 2016.

Celeste’s great passion for travel has seen her working as a travel consultant for the last 9 years in both corporate and retail travel.  

A love of travel has seen her visit many parts of the world having travelled to Europe numerous times and USA, and also touched on Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Bali. Celeste’s most recent trips have taken her to Far North Queensland, South Pacific, USA and cruising the Caribbean.  When asked what her favourite city is Celeste said she couldn’t go past Paris, it’s a standout!

Celeste's most recent travels saw her discovering the stunning scenery that Canada has to offer including the beautiful Lake Louise. 

Celeste has her sights set on Japan and Sri Lanka for her next adventure. 

Paula Tarzia

Paula has recently re-joined the team at italktravel Reservoir. Having been in the travel industry for 16 years Paula brings with her a wealth of travel knowledge and experience.

Paula has travelled extensively throughout Europe having done both a Trafalgar and Topdeck tour. She has visited most parts of Greece and the Greek Islands including Ahtens, Santorini and Mykonos.

Some other favourites are the whitsunday islands of Australia as well as Asia where she has visited Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Phuket and Kuala Lumpur.

Paula would love to see South America and take a trip to Canada and Alaska in the near future.

In addition to the office consultants, Jan's son Michael assists with the bookkeeping for the office and has been working in the business for 7 years. Jan's other daughter Emma helps look after the marketing side of the business.